NFL Controversies

The National Football Association in the Unites States is booming with excitement right now. With all the recent off-season trades and negotiations that happened, you can’t live in America without over hearing a football conversation in your workplace or among your friends. And the talent among the rookies in the league astonishes most of us. We aren’t sure yet if they will ever come to fruition as a professional football player or continue hanging out on the street and waste away their prime years. Manziel is quite a character and I’m sure he will help with the ticket and memorabilia sales of the Cleveland Browns, but can he keep himself clean long enough to get some real playing time? We will have to wait and see. Don’t forget where you can pick up your jerseys from:

We can’t overlook all the recent cuts. It seems as though teams are trying to cut the dead weight and save a little money for their big players, but to come of us we think role players are the ones being cut. For example, Palmer and Moorman from the Bills were dropped today. As if the cuts aren’t enough to see some key players walk off the field, there have been enough injuries and suspensions to talk about for a year! Aldon Smith of the San Francisco 49ers has been suspended for the first nine games of the season for misconduct and substance abuse. The Niners will be very lucky to make the playoffs.

Let’s not forget the popular football video game NFL Madden. With the recent release of Madden 15 and the usual controversial ratings assigned in the game to the players, popularity is only rising. If video games are your thing you can see a review of the latest Madden iteration below.

Yes, the video looks eerily realistic, but we promise it is merely a next-generation video game. This game definitely favors the quarterbacks this year, accounting for the top 4 rated players in the game. Tied with the highest rating is the Denver Broncos Peyton Manning and the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers with a score of 98. A close second and third is Drew Brees and Russell Wilson. With Richard Sherman making the front cover, I think this is a strategic move by Electronic Arts marketing team to stir up some controversy during the game’s release. With Sherman’s contentious after-game comments from last season, why wouldn’t EA make him their focal point for advertising?

Richard Sherman

As a closing note I want to wish everyone good luck on their fantasy football season, here’s to no injuries on your team. Be safe as always and remember, rum makes everything better.

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